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Review :: Tilvee Antioxidant Facial Cleansing Soap + Replenishing Creme Moisturizer

When Gorgeously Green author, Sophie Uliano awarded Tilvee Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer the "Best Facial Moisturizer of 2008", I was a). surprised I hadn't heard of the brand and b). anxious to get my hands on the ingredient list. It was pleasant surprise and breath of fresh air to not find any nasties.
Tilvee founder, Kristie McNamara knows plants. With a degree in Botany and Organic Chemistry, she's putting her knowledge to use with her "Eco Ethical" skin and body care line that is handcrafted in Colorado.

For over a month, I used Tilvee's Antioxidant Facial Cleansing Bar Soap and Antioxidant Replenishing Creme. The Facial Bar Soap is great for a few reasons:

1). It's only $8.99.

2). It seems to last forever (1.5+ months when used twice a day by two people)

3). It kept my face really clear the entire time I used it (no adjustment period, no breakouts).

The Antioxidant Replenishing Creme feels nice on skin, is very lightly scented, fast-absorbing and it's loaded with nourishing botanicals. And it's a great base under makeup! Because I'm still hanging on to my severely dry winter skin, I did supplement the moisturizer by applying a tiny amount of organic rosehip oil underneath, but if you have normal/combo skin you shouldn't need it. For those with dry skin, Tilvee recommends their Botanical Rejuvenating Oil.

The fact that the complete ingredients are listed on every product page and that they're passionate advocates for pure contents - makes me happy. It's refreshing to find another reasonably priced skin care line making products without harmful (or even potentially harmful) ingredients.

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