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Review :: Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Hair Cleanser + Conditioner

When I discovered Horst Rechelbacher was launching his own hair and skin care line, I had high hopes. Afterall, he is the founder of Aveda, pioneer in the world of hair and an organic advocate. So when the lovely Spirit, founder of Spirit Beauty Lounge sent me Intelligent Nutrients Hair Cleanser and Conditioner to try, of course I couldn't wait to put it to the test {in fact I pretty much jumped in the shower as soon as it arrived}. Having just been to the salon for a fresh cut before a business trip, it arrived at the perfect time. Afterall, what girl doesn't want to use totally luxurious and ultra pampering product after a salon visit {or anytime for that matter}?!?

I had no idea the Hair Cleanser does not foam, but since testing many natural and organic beauty products, I know that suds aren't necessary to clean and I quickly got over it after I felt how this left my hair. I've tried my fair share of natural and organic hair products and I know it's difficult to find products that are effective sans petrochemicals. After months of using sub-par product, ones that left my hair with build-up, flakes and yes - close to the beginning stages of dreadlocks {no, that wasn't the look I'm going for}; these two products stand out amongst the rest. Many hair products claim to be "made with organic ingredient(s)" or use the word "organic" in their name, but there aren't many that actually hold organic certification because it's no small feat. This Hair Cleanser is 70% organic, certified by UK's Soil Association and the Conditioner is 95% organic, certified by the USDA.

I love the scent of the Cleanser/shampoo - spicy and earthy, and I've received several compliments on how great my hair smells; even had people lean in to get a whiff and throughout the day I find myself grabbing a a clump of strands to see if the smell is still lingering. Don't get me wrong, this isn't an overpowering scent, nor is the scent of synthetic variety - it smells fresh and natural {because it is}, not perfumed and potent. The Hair Conditioner is it's perfect compliment and the result is smooth strands and complete managability. I immediately noticed the difference when I ran my fingers through my hair as I massaged in the Conditioner the first time. Easy, no-tangle-glide without any weight or residue is the post-shower result fostering super easy styling and healthy looking locks.
These are salon-grade products, so if you're trying to stretch your dollar by increasing the time in between salon visits, these could help tie you over so you don't have to forego the pampering a salon can bring. And if you look at it that way - you may just save money by spending on these so you can save up for those much needed and deserved salon trips.

If you want to try out these gems before splurging on full-size bottles, SBL has a $10 custom sample kit or you can request free samples with every order.

Save :: Code "luckybreaks7" knocks 30% off your entire order at Spirit Beauty Lounge {excludes sample kits}

Have you tried these? If so, what did you think? If not, have you also struggled to find pure and effective hair products??? What works for you?

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