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Introducing :: Indigo Wild's Zum Household Cleaning Products {+ Free Laundry Soap}

"Our ingredients, colors, textures, product names, packaging, voice and brand have helped establish Indigo Wild as a natural products company with more than just a patchouli personality".

Indigo Wild is a really fun company making totally natural products. They fill a niche that many natural companies tend to overlook - yuppies with hippie tendencies and stiletto-wearing, closet tree huggers. We've used many of their products from their deliciously scented bar and liquid soaps, lotions and balms, to their baby skin care products, candles and yes, even their new liquid laundry soap (which works great by the way).

Just announced today, Indigo Wild introduces their new line of household cleaning products that includes Laundry Soap, Sink & Surface Scrub and Granite & Countertop Cleanser. And take your pick of scents concocted only from essential oils like Eucalyptus-Citrus, Lavender and Sweet Orange.

What they don't use:

+ Synthetics (except the Frankincense & Myrrh scented products contain a small amount of synthetic fragrance oils)

+ Harsh phosphates

+ Ammonia

+ Bleach

+ Detergents

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