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Fab Preggy Find :: Erbaorganics for Growing Bellies

Our apologies for a brief absence from posting - we are two very busy bees at the moment! As of today, I am officially in my third trimester of this pregnancy and I have been testing out some products to help me get through these next few {but BIG} months in comfort. A couple of weeks ago I celebrated another birthday and...surprise, surprise - my lovely sister hooked me up with an assortment of amazing products to try from The Nature of Beauty.

I was so excited to find two full-size products from Erbaorganics in my birthday package! These two products are sure to be well-used on this growing {and growing...and growing} belly until it's time for this little girl to make her appearance. My first experience using the Mommy-to-Be Organic Milk & Oat Bath came after a very long day that didn't allow me even a second off my weary feet. After the kiddo was in bed for the night, I immediately starting filling a bathtub full of warm water and this luxurious mixture of sea salt, dry milk, oat flour and lavender and citrus oils. It was the best decision I had made all day. My aching feet, legs and stretching belly all thanked me as I soaked up the relief and the calming scent of lavender. I wanted to stay there forever, and I tried, but then my fingertips gave me the sign it was time to get dry.
After that bath, I used the Mommy-to-Be Stretch Mark Oil on my belly {which is already showing signs of wanting to give out.} It was the perfect compliment to my bath and just what I needed to moisturize and calm my tired self before bed. As I have said before, I believe that the stretch marks will come if your genes have set you up for it, but I am still wishing and hoping that all of my efforts to stave them off will prove at least somewhat helpful. I'm not always in the mood for lavender, but at night after a long day it is just what I need. This oil will be my standby for post-bath pampering until I use it all up.

During pregnancy, it's especially important to make sure that what we mamas soak in and slather on our bodies is absolutely free of questionable ingredients. Erbaorganics has created some products that are USDA Certified Organic and contain only ingredients that anyone can pronounce. Based on personal experience, the creators of this fabulous line know what the pregnant woman needs and they have delivered it. These products are truly food for the pregnant body and soul!

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