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Sweet Baby Find :: Sweet Beauty Baby Products {Review}

Sweets are my vice, which was sadly evidenced by the obscene amount of jelly beans and strawberries that I consumed while celebrating Easter last Sunday. I will be the first to admit that my sweet tooth hasn't evolved much since childhood. That's why I have to make sure that I usually only surround myself with fruit so that I can satisfy my cravings in a healthier, more sane fashion.

Recently, I was given the chance to test some amazingly pure body products that smell and feel {and taste} delicious. Sweet Beauty Organic Chocolate Spa Treatments is a company dedicated to using the healing properties of chocolate as well other edible ingredients to make some super decadent beauty products.

"Sweet Beauty's Lisa Fran├žoise—a spa chocolatier who is also a professional skincare expert— has created a line of body creams, sugar scrubs, facial scrubs, facial masques, body soaps, milk baths, and lip balms that offer a new spin on an old age confection."

I love the fact that this brand has a little something for everyone, even non-chocolate lovers like myself. What I am most excited about is the line of baby products that I have been testing out on my already sweet son. The Baby Balm, Baby Cleanse Butter and Baby Lotion are all delectable treats that contain nothing that discerning parents wouldn't want on their child's skin. The smell reminds me of rainbow sherbet (my favorite) and the consistency of each of these products is absolutely perfect.

My first use of the Baby Balm was actually on my own lips. I was frantic one night looking for something...anything to put on my severely cracked lips and I found the balm and thought I'd give it a try. Although the consistency isn't what I would prefer for an everyday lip balm, the smell, taste and ability to moisturize all impressed me. When I tried it out on a diaper rash that had developed on my son's bum, I was even more impressed - he didn't cry when I applied and and the rash went away by the next day! It's won a whole lot of awards in my book.

The Baby Cleanse butter is unlike anything I've used in the bath so far. It is actually a solid, so there are no worries about spills. You just rub between your hands, or apply some to a wet washcloth and lather. The smell is amazing -- sweet, but not sickeningly -- and I love how smooth it feels when applied to wet baby skin. I think I'm a cleansing butter convert now.

I love applying the Baby Lotion after bath time, when the little man's skin is already smelling fresh and sweet from the bath. The consistency of the lotion is perfectly rich yet not greasy in any way {warning: it's dangerous to apply slippery products to an already squirmy toddler.} It moisturizes his skin beautifully and makes the subsequent story time a treat to our senses.

Needless to say, this collection of baby products is definitely getting added to my mental wish list {I'm already out of the samples...*sniffle.*} If you're tired of the typical lavender fragrance of many natural baby products, treat yourself and your little bean to some Sweet Beauty products for babies.

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