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Review :: Woodsprite Organic Body Grapefruit Mint Bar Soap + 10% Off

Several years ago I wanted nothing to do with bar soap. It seemed messy and a hassle to me, something that would turn mushy in a soap dish or in the shower - but I have a new found appreciation for them. There's something about the minimal packaging and old school way of washing that I like, and they tend to be much cheaper than an organic bottle of body wash (if they last more than two weeks).

Woodsprite Organic Body is a brand I stumbled upon a couple years ago but had never tried until this past month. I'm a sucker for fresh citrus scents so I chose the Handmade Olive Oil Grapefruit Mint Soap bar to try. It lathers up nicely and has a very mild aroma, which becomes more present as I make my way to the middle of the bar. My skin is left feeling clean and and this didn't turn to mush in my shower. I also like the 100% post consumer recycled chlorine-free recycled paper that it comes in as well as the pure ingredients, most of which are organic. I've been using this bar for two weeks and at the rate it is shrinking, I'm sure it will last at least another 3-4 weeks making it a great value at only $8.

Woodsprite Spa Salts were also featured in the first issue of Organic Beauty Magazine, which I haven't tried yet - but hope to soon! I've checked the ingredients for almost the entire line and I can tell you they all check out - nothing suspicious or synthetic. Gotta love that! And every product is made by hand in small batches in Michigan. The company also gives a portion of their profits to "grassroots organizations working to promote sustainable living, conservation, preservation and protection of wild or endangered creatures and places".

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