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Green On A Budget: Dr. Bronner's Organic + Fair Trade Certified Lemongrass Lime Body Soap {Review}

Living a green life on a budget can sometimes seem like an oxymoron. Often times one must choose quantity over quality in order to make the dollar stretch a little further. Especially in these economic times, it’s becoming difficult to balance what’s on your organic wish list with what’s in your wallet. Not to fear, my friends - I have good news! There are some great non-toxic and completely pure products out there that won’t break the bank. One of these products is the time-tested Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap that you can find in just about every health food store and now even at Target. The products are so concentrated that they'll last a very long time and can be used to clean pretty much anything.

Their newest line is a group of USDA and Fair Trade certified hand and body soaps as well as shave gel. I've been using the Shikakai Lemongrass & Lime Body Soap and I’m loving it. The smell is refreshingly sweet (kind of like Lemonhead candy) and invigorating - so it’s the perfect start to my day.

As you would expect from Dr. Bronner’s, there is nothing on the ingredient list that will make you look twice, anything that you can't pronouce or anything you'll have to interpret into English (from Scientist). You’ll only find certified organic and fair trade ingredients that are straight from nature and meant to nurture your skin, not strip it. The brown color of this product will remind you that you are using a pure product and the luxurious sudsing nature of the soap won’t leave you missing your conventional products for a second. Right now you can grab the body soap for less than $10 and since it's a huge 24 ounce bottle, it will last you for months.

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