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Dog Owners Must Have :: Molly Mutt Eco-Friendly Dog Bed Duvet {Review}

One month ago yesterday, I was on a hunt for a dog bed - but not just any dog bed. As is usually the case, my search came with specific criteria. I knew I didn't want to spend an outrageous amount of money on it but I needed it to be large enough to fit two large retrievers (who like to snuggle) and it needed to look good enough to be seen inside the house. The old bed I wanted to get rid of was ugly, deflated and only large enough for one.

Molly Mutt seemed to be the perfect answer to my dog bed needs and better yet, it would help me reuse items I already had in the house and prevent me from having to throw out the old dog bed. When I received the large size in the Your Hand In Mine print (my favorite out of all of them) I quickly went to work gathering old throw pillows I no longer wanted (some that our dogs had chewed on as puppies), old towels and blankets that were headed for a thrift shop and of course the old dog bed - all to fill the "stuff sack" that fit right inside the duvet cover.

Needless to say, this bed is now one very popular place in our house. I love how it looks and love the fact that I can wash the cover and all the contents and re-stuff it again when it needs freshening up. All duvets are currently made with a thick cotton canvas (with the goal of swapping them all out for organic cotton - hopefully soon) and I appreciate the nice piping along the sides, attention to detail and durability. This bed hog just appreciates how comfortable it is:

If you are a dog owner/lover, YOU NEED ONE OF THESE!!! Your wallet and your furry friend(s) will thank you for it.

Find :: Molly Mutt Eco-Dog Duvets (Regularly: Small-$20 / Medium-$30 / Large-$40)

Not sure what size you need? No worries - Molly Mundt (yes, that's really her name), the very cool woman behind this awesome company will help you! Just shoot an email to and she'll be happy to help you out!!!

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