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LOFT Liqueurs :: First Certified Organic Liqueur In The U.S. {Cheers!}

Named for the loft kitchen where the recipes were first crafted, LOFT was founded by Lisa Averbuch and Sabrina Moreno-Dolan, two best friends in San Francisco who wanted to bring the world of organic foods to the world of distilled spirits. A desire for a liqueur with an authentic, fresh flavor is the inspiration behind LOFT, which is why only fresh-picked fruit and botanicals are used. Agave syrup enhances the taste by naturally bringing out the flavors of the liqueurs. “We created LOFT Liqueurs because we wanted something that tasted delicious and natural, like freshly-picked fruit,” says Lisa Averbuch, one of LOFT’s founders. “It elevates the quality of cocktails and is something you can feel good about drinking.”

The higher standards used in preparing organic foods have been applied to crafting a liqueur, and the company maintains a philosophy of care and responsibility throughout the entire process. LOFT does not use natural synthetic or artificial flavors, colors, additives or preservatives. LOFT’s standards are also upheld in their packaging, which includes biodegradable ink, bamboo paper and boxes made from recycled material. All bottles are hand-filled and labeled in Portland, Oregon.

Ingredients :: Water, Organic agave nectar, Organic grain spirits, organic sugar, then organic lemongrass or organic lavender or organic ginger or organic tangerine (depending on the flavor).

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