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new favorite :: adorable, organic cotton blanket from speesees

This weekend I received a package in the mail. It was from speesees. I could barely contain myself. Inside my package was an insanely luxurious green and brown organic blanket. As soon as that thing was pulled out of the box my little man ran up and took it out of my hands, placed in on the ground and proceeded to lay down on the plush natural lining and tell me "Cozy. Nap." I wondered if this was actually happening to me. My son refuses to even be near any other blanket than his special blanket. I even spent an obscene amount of money trying to get a replacement blanket that was exactly the same as his, but he was too smart and refused it. He seemed to have no qualms at all about accepting this new blanket into his life. People of speesees, you are geniuses.

Offered in glacier, redwood, tomato and pear {the one I got}, this blanket would look adorable with any nursery decor. It is heavyweight, BIG and oh-so-soft. I love this blanket for all of the reasons I love speesees clothes - their bright colors and long-staple organic cotton makes for some super comfy, unique and kid-friendly soft goods. It's clear that even the most picky child will welcome any speesees item with open arms. Whether you're looking for items to finish up that 'almost done' nursery or you have a toddler who is in need of a durable blanket...let your search be done.

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