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Nectar Essences Organic Aromatherapy Sale In Honor Of Sleep Awareness Month

Did you know its Sleep Awareness Month? Neither did I, but what better time to honor sleep than two days before we'll lose an hour of it when clocks Spring forward this Sunday to save some daylight.

Nectar Essences organic aromatic sprays are designed to soothe and balance mind and body. "Sleep" is easy to use and said to be safe to use for adults and children 3 years+ and can be misted into the air, onto bed linens and inhaled for a calming olfactory experience for those who have a difficult time shutting off a chattering mind (hmm...sounds familiar!).

This month, all aromatherapy products at Bellafloria are 10% off with coupon code "SLEEP".

If any of you out there are getting a full eight hours of sleep, we'd love to know about it - because we think you're in the minority. Are we right? If you aren't getting eight hours sleep, what do you think would change if you did???

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