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Review :: LuSa Organics Makes Totally Pure + Affordable Body Care In Wisconsin

What do you get when you combine an environmental educator and a solar system electrician? You get a fantastic body care company that is dedicated to making truly organic products that smell as delicious as they are pure. What began over a decade ago as a hobby has grown into a full-fledged, husband+wife-owned and operated body care biz in Wisconsin. I learned about LuSa Organics from our friends at Lovely SafeMama several months back, but it wasn't until last week that I had the pleasure of experiencing some of their goods for myself. And I love that the line is more affordable than many organic body care products out there. While the individual products are not certified organic, the majority of the ingredients used are and I can't find even a hint of a questionable ingredient in the bunch.

Breathe Bar Soap :: This is a great bar soap that provides a surprising amount of foaming action (more than many I've tried) and mild exfoliation thanks to oatmeal. Lavender dominates yet blends nicely with eucalyptus. This leaves my skin feeling ultra moisturized too - in fact, I wrote to them and ask if it contained any goats milk because it has a similar moisturizing properly that I recognized from goats milk soap. This version does not, but they do have other soaps that are, like their Oatmeal & Honey Facial Soap.

Citrus Sugar Scrub :: I am a body scrub/polish maniac right now in an attempt to hydrate my thirsty skin on a daily basis (and to find out if they're F+S worthy). Currently, I have five scrubs in my shower and this is one of my faves. Smells fresh and uplifting, provides gentle exfoliation and the amount of oil that remains is perfect and doesn't leave my skin begging for lotion or body oil afterwards. And I was happy to see that the way its pictured on the site (filled to the very top) is exactly the way mine arrived.

Citrus Lotion Bar :: If you have dry skin, cracked feet / hands or you're still in the dead of winter and feel like all the moisture has been sucked from your epidermis (like me) then you may just need this hydrating hockey puck. I have a thing for lemongrass so I opted for this scent. At first the aroma was quite powerful so I wrote to Rachel (owner) and she suggested I leave the lid off of the tin for awhile to allow the scent to dissipate. Within just a couple days the aroma wasn't as bold and it was much better for me (note: I am highly sensitive to scents - even some natural ones, unfortunately). In fact, it smells so good that I affectionately call it a "cookie" (its reminscent of a lemony sugar cookie). I have one on my desk so I can slather it on my hands throughout the day and one on my nightstand that I rub on the bottoms of my feet before bed. My husband is also using this on his feet as he constantly battles dry feet to the point of them being cracked most of the time. He likes this too and now asks me for the "foot cookie".

Another wonderful rarity about this brand is that you can order products at a discount if you order them "naked" (without packaging) or refills so you don't have to waste your empty container(s). Love that!

They also offer what looks to be a great line of mama + baby products that were featured in the Sept/Oct 08 issue of Mothering Magazine, and E plans to put them to the test soon!

FREE GIFT: Enter "fig and sage" in the comments section at checkout and they'll throw in a free gift with your order of any size. Sweet!

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