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Organica Deluxe :: The Go-To Site For Eco-Luxe Gifts {Review}

I was excited when I first read about Organica Deluxe a couple months back. Afterall, what other site specializes solely in eco-luxury gifts wrapped up in beautiful signature packaging? None that I knew of.

Buying gifts online can be a blessing or a curse. It offers convenience and removes the hassle of having to wrap and ship gifts yourself, but can also be nerve-wracking if you're not sure how your gift will be presented when it arrives. As a general rule, I usually don't buy gifts online unless I know what the packaging looks like or unless I've ordered something personally from the site and approve of it. If gift wrap is simply a check box to click during checkout, with no visual for me to peruse I'm likely not going to buy for fear it will be presented in tacky, cheap, flimsy wrap. And if that's the case, I'd rather prepare and ship my own gift (thank you very much), but I don't always have time for that.

A couple weeks ago, a bright aqua box arrived on my doorstep and the sight of the box alone made me smile as it stuck out amongst the brown ones, so of course I had to open it first. Opening the box was even more exciting, as I found matching aqua tissue and a branded and typed card that had been personalized just for me. On the inside lid a sticker explained that their packaging eliminates the need for a second box and the box is 100% recycled. Packing peanuts are made of cornstarch, water soluable and biodegradable. The sheet of tissue is 75% post consumer recycled and the enclosed card, as well as all their paper materials are printed on FSC paper. They've also begun to purchase carbon credits to help offset the transportation of each gift sent. Sounds great, but what about the gift itself?

Nestled in packing peanuts I found their ever-popular organic ginger cookies wrapped nicely in packs of four. These tasted (seriously) like they had just cooled off from coming out of the oven. Fresh. Moist. Delectable. Yum!!!! Anyone would be happy to get their lips around these.

If you're sending Valentines Day gifts, now is the time to place your've only got a week left. Gifts start at just $20 and in addition to homemade organic cookies, you'll also find roses, chocolates, caramels (shown below) and one of my all-time-favorite body oils. You also have the option of customizing your own box.

Now through the end of the year (yes, year) Organica Deluxe is offering our readers an exclusive 10% off when you enter discount code 'fig' during checkout.

Enjoy and let us know what you or your gift recipient thinks!


Want a second opinion? Check out some of their testimonials:

"I have ordered many times from Organica Deluxe because they represent my love of luxury without compromise. I also appreciate the attention to detail and quality of the products and presentation. Their aqua box makes a stunning statement and the yummy stuff inside is truly gorgeous and green.

-Constance Zimmer, HBO's "Entourage" (Hollywood, CA)

"I was first introduced to Organic Deluxe when I received a truly deluxe gift package -- the most beautiful (and long-lasting bouquet of roses, two delightful bottles of wine complemented by delicious chocolate-dusted nuts and yummy ginger cookies. I am impressed by the extraordinary quality, lovely presentation and the organic nature of these treats. Organica Deluxe is now my new source for business gifts!"

-Cheryl Daly, Sotheby's International Realty (New York, NY)

"The people and the service, as well as the pretty packaging was a pleasure. I much prefer to support small entrepreneurial businesses when I can and this was a perfect fit! PS We love the ginger cookies!"

-Sigrid Olsen, Entrepreneur, Artist & Former Creative Director of Sigrid Olsen (Gloucester, MA)

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