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Organic Cotton Baby Clothing From Burt's Bees Co-Founder :: Happy Green Bee

I'm a stripe person. I love them. My son's wardrobe is composed of mainly solids, but when there is a pattern to be found, you can bet your buns it's gonna be stripes. We've heard all of the jailbird jokes there ever were but I just think people are silly if they don't find a little person in stripes to be ridiculously adorable.

Although the company is a few years old now, I just learned of this funky little line of stripey organic cotton clothes for wee ones and I couldn't be more thrilled! Happy Green Bee was created by Roxanne Quimby, Co-Founder of Burt's Bees and she is continuing her passion for earth-friendly living through this super cute kids clothing line. This woman has an amazing story and I'm glad that she's bringing her love of stripes to the masses (and to me!)

P.S. This 2-piece chemise / skort set (shown above) is regularly $62, but on sale right now for $16 (in extra small). Only 9 left!

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