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Small Co-op America-Approved Company Makes Truly Pure Body Care In Oregon {Review}

Stumbling upon Oracle Organics six months or so ago was a pleasant surprise. In fact, whenever I encounter an entire product line that is without harmful, or even the least bit questionable or synthetically-processed ingredients, I am surprised because quite honestly - its rare. Much of the time I am picking out products from a line that are acceptable, not necessarily approving of the entire collection. When I see "organic" on any product I take it with a grain of salt until I can read the ingredients for myself. On the Oracle Organics website you'll find a link to ingredients (most of which are certified organic) on every product page, which I very much appreciate - I don't want to have to hunt for ingredients or email the company to ask for them (who has time for that?). Full disclosure speaks volumes. I was also pleased to find a separate ingredient page detailing the purpose of each ingredient and a chart indicating which products are good for various skin types and issues.

Michelle Gomez is the woman behind this small company, who handcrafts pure body care products near the coast in Oregon. She has been studying herbs, aromatherapy and creating body care products for 11 years. As signers of The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics and a Co-Op America approved business, she is dedicated to offering an alternative to the chemical-laden products that dominate the personal care market. Check out their great philosophy page to learn more.

A few weeks ago, I purchased the Ginger Lime Sugar Scrub, Awaken Citrus Body Wash and Breathe Body Wash. The sugar scrub smells delish and transported me somewhere tropical and reminded me of a margarita or mojito. Its exfoliating action isn't too harsh and doesn't leave a really thick oily residue like many polishes. The body wash comes with a foaming pump top which produces a nice lather. The scents of both are very mild and pleasant. The Citrus version smells almost exactly like Organoderm's face wash (which is great by the way - more on that later), and the Breathe scent is a refreshing pick-me-up in the morning. The labels on the products are also coated so they don't wash off in the shower.

They're having a 20% off sale right now through February 14th so check them out!

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