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Fab Find :: Aromatherapy Personals™ To-Go

I'm a big believer in the power of aromatherapy. In fact, the amazing abilities of essential oils intrigue me so much that several years ago I looked into aromatherapy certification just to learn more about essential oils and their healing properties. I never did end up persuing it, but perhaps someday I'll revisit it.

Years ago my sister and I would stop into this peaceful haven of a shop whenever I was in town visiting. It was an essential oil shop in an old building in the middle of a mellow, sunny and breezy historic downtown. It was nearly impossible for blood pressure not to drop by just stepping inside. We could spend hours rubbing, sniffing and generally indulging in some pure therapy before stepping back out into the real world. They had these little bottles at the checkout desk that were targeted for very specific things and of course we had to buy some and various blends even found their way into our Christmas stockings thanks to Mom. We miss that shop.

So, when NuWorld Botanicals offered to send me their brand new Aromatherapy Personals™ collection, I welcomed the offer. Afterall, its not everywhere you can find portable aromatherapy in small convenient bottles that you can throw in your bag or purse. And did they say they contained up to 90% certified organic content and did I just see a fabulous list of ingredients they avoid on their website?! Yes I did and yes, I'd like to try them! And boy did they arrive at the right time. Amongst other things, last week included a laptop crash, the death of my cell phone and a big fat cut in the 'ol paycheck thanks to the tragic tale that is our economy. Yes, all in one week, so I would say it was just a tad stressful.

Enter the wonderful roll-on vials of Stress Relief and Anxiety Relief, which are the ones I've used the most of thus far. These are two of my favorites and ones I've been rolling on myself with wreckless abandon for the past 8 days (okay, not really wreckless per se, but you get the idea). I've been alternating between rolling Anxiety Relief and Stress Relief on my neck and shoulders until I get enough to massage into my skin and give myself a self-inflicted deep tissue massage. I also roll these on my wrists and take long deep whiffs. I'm partial to the aroma of real lavender, which is the predominant scent of Anxiety Relief. Stress Relief is a mixture of citrus (orange + grapefruit) with ylang ylang + patchouli. Normally, I am not a patchouli fan at all, but because its so subtle this blend is very calming and relaxing.

I'm also a big fan of Mental Clarity which smells of licorice, which must be the combo of basil and bergamot. Energy Boost is good to use in the morning or for sluggish mid-afternoons. Its potent and minty-fresh and will indeed wake you up. Crave Control is an interesting concept and a blend of spearmint and grapefruit, which are the aromas that dominate and I can't quite tell if I'm imagining it or if it really is helping me quell snack attacks. Jet Lag will definitely be in my carry-on during my next trip and I'm passing along Meditation to my dear yogi friend so she can put it to the test.

The key to these is to roll your desired blend of certified organic jojoba oil and various other targeted essential oils on your wrists, temples, neck or shoulders and rub in before taking very long and deep breaths of the aroma. The way aromatherapy works is by absorbing the oils into your bloodstream either through (diluted) application on your skin or by inhaling the vapers, which coincidentally is the same reason why we want what we put on our skin to be pure, natural and healthy - because whether you're slathering on or sniffing synthetics or natural ingredients, they are getting into your body; the question is what kind are you putting into yours?

This is a brand new line from Canada and can be found in major health stores, organic markets, yoga studios, spas and eco boutiques in and around Toronto. For the rest of us, until they land in the U.S., you can order directly from their site and shipping takes approx. 3-4 days and prices are the same (no extra shipping). Each targeted blend is $17 and is sure to last quite awhile.

Stay tuned because they are soon launching a 3-in-1 nourishing concentrate for bath+body+hair that I'm itching to try out (yes, literally scalp is so dry these days)!

What do you think about aromatherapy? Have you tried it? Has it worked for you? Are you leery, curious or are you a fan? Do tell....

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