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Dear Fig+Sage: Pregnancy Belly Oils + The Stretch Mark Dilemma

I was recently asked my opinion about pregnancy belly oil by one of our readers, so I'm writing back in the form of a post so all of you may benefit too. Here's my little (okay BIG) disclaimer before I get started: Any opinions that we share here at Fig+Sage are simply that - opinions. We shy away from giving any specific advice to people, especially pregnant people. We believe it is best to gather information from reliable resources (including your doctor/midwife/naturopath) and then make your own decisions for yourself and your baby. Since there are certain herbs and essential oils that are not healthy to use during pregnancy, it is a subject we approach with great caution. I will simply share my experiences with the body products I have used during my pregnancy and you, dear reader, can come to your own conclusions. Mmmkay? Mmmkay.

So, what do I think about pregnancy belly oil? Well, I used it faithfully throughout my pregnancy with my first child. My sister bought me a bottle of Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil and I used it every day, sometimes twice. There came a point towards the end of my pregnancy that my belly was being stretched to such great limits, that I needed this oil just to ease the itching and feeling of my skin being ripped (gross, I know.) The smell had that wonderful Weleda smell, which I loved. The consistency was nice and it absorbed quickly if I applied it right after my shower. I didn't even get half way through the bottle by the time I gave birth, so a little goes a very long way with this stuff.

During this pregnancy, I have been using Natural Stretch Oil by Earth Mama Angel Baby and I must say I love the scent. It is very subtle, but very feminine. If you are in the beginning stages of pregnancy and are dealing with a canine-like sense of smell, this might be a better bet than Weleda. It is not greasy and feels great on the skin. Love it!

Of course, there are several oils and lotions out there that can be used to keep pregnant belly skin supple. Some people simply use organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to keep their bellies moisturized without having to spend a bunch of money. I have never personally tried this method, but I imagine it would bother me if I smelled like something I wanted to dip my bread in. Of course, I think this is a much better option than some other widely used stretch mark remedies like Baby Oil (mineral oil - a petroleum bi-product), cheap Cocoa Butter, etc. My advice is to smell and feel what's out there and decide which smell and texture you like the best and then go with what your budget and nose allows.

Now - it's time to share the honest truth about how I feel about preventing stretch marks. I'm sure all of you first-time mamas are a little terrified of seeing your once tight and perfect belly turn into a what looks like the result of a mauling after you give birth. I get it - that's why I was faithful to apply my oil everyday in hopes that my belly wouldn't look like my other mama friends'. When it was all said and done, I got stretch marks. There is only so much a belly can take, and when it comes down to it - your chances of acquiring some of those beauties for yourself has much more to do with genetics than the brand of oil you use. Sad, but true.

So there you have it, my take on the stretch mark issue. My best advice would be to do what you can to prevent them and if you aren't able to, then embrace those lines as medals of honor for doing what your body was made for. {At least that's what I'm trying to do.}

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