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5 Totally Unique + Ultra Cute + Absolutely Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Cards

For several years I had a standing date with one of my dearest friends a few weeks before Valentines Day. The date was blocked out on both of our calendars months in advance and we spent hours doing nothing but creating handmade Valentines for family & friends whilst gabbing away, catching up on each other's lives. While making my owns cards has become a thing of the past, my love of paper, cards and fine stationery has not. I love email just as much as the next person (sometimes a little too much), but when I discover an actual card that is actually handwritten, with an actual stamp on it in my mailbox, it makes my heart skip a beat. I absolutely love discovering unique cards to give and is how my obsession with Etsy began. Finding cards that are made of recycled content makes my love of paper a bit more bearable. Below you'll find five great cards all made from recycled paper:

I'm a big fan of Jennifer Ramos, designer + owner of Made By Girl. She has a lot of style (and I'm envious of her brave use of bright & bold colors). This card is printed on 100% recycled, acid free paper.

I've been a fan of Orange Beautiful's letterpress stationery for some time now. I was happy to recently discover that they use 100% recycled cardstock and envelopes for all their letterpress cards, and the mill who produces the paper is run entirely on water power, and they're located in Michigan, only about 100 miles northeast of where OB is located in Chicago, keeping transport to a minimum.

Graphic designer for some big name retailers like Abercrombie + Fitch and Hollister, Jen Lee also designs a bright and cheerful card collection printed on 100% recycled paper.

These customized cards from Moderne Motive are a throwback to the days of doodling and passing notes in class. Printed on FSC certified 100% post consumer recycled paper.

Paper Wren's 'You Fly' card is printed on 100% recycled, 30% post consumer and comes with a 100% PCW envelope.
2.17.09 Update: Just received my customized card from modernmotive and I. LOVE. IT. Its super cute, uses thick cardstock and came with an adorable mini card thanking me for my purchase.

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