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Finding An Organic Christmas Tree Near You

Thanks to this New York Times article yesterday, you can now find where to buy an organic Christmas tree, whether it be of certified organic variety or just grown without pesticides. This info might help:

Local Harvest, a national network of local products, in Santa Cruz, Calif., lists sources for Christmas trees and wreaths, both organic and conventionally grown;, (831) 475-8150.

Toxic Free North Carolina, in Raleigh, N.C., lists sources for sustainably grown trees in the state, and has information about pesticides commonly used on Christmas trees;, (919) 833-5333.

Beyond Pesticides, a nonprofit group in Washington, provides sources for organic and naturally grown trees, as well as up-to-date information on pesticides;, (202) 543-5450.

Green Promise, a group in Pingree Grove, Ill., that distributes information about sustainable products, lists sources for organic trees around the country on its Web site,
Agricultural extension offices often keep lists of local growers; consult the Department of Agriculture’s Web site,

The Council on the Environment of New York City keeps a list of farmers’ markets, many of which sell Christmas trees;, (212) 788-7476.

*Source: The New York Times

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