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7 Pure + Pampering Organic Body Oils To Help Ward Off Dry + Itchy Winter Skin

I don't need it in the hot and humid summer and up until two years ago never used it. Back in California, where 80* Christmases were common, there was more of a need for sunglasses and shorts then there was for dry skin prevention. And I'll admit I was the first one to grab a jacket when it hit 50*. Now I find it amusing when I talk to people back home and they tell me "its getting pretty cold here, were down into the 40s". Meanwhile temps here have dipped down to negative 3* in recent days (-23* with windchill factor) .

Two things help save my skin in these blistery months: oil and butter. If I don't apply body oil after showering, I pay the consequences in the form of itchy, dry skin. And even that may not be enough; I may still need to slather on balm or butter (more on my fave picks in a future post).

Here's a collection of pure and pampering body oils that I've used (or currently use) to help save skin this time of year:

Ultra hydrating and perfect for those affected by natural or synthetic fragrance or for times when you don't want any competition with your perfume. Comes nicely packaged in a hip design. Note: Opt for the unscented line as the other MBeze products are scented with synthetic fragrance.

Smells so good. Feminine, sweet & floral. Spray bottle ensures no spills. Made with 100% certified organic ingredients. On sale now for $17.20.

Warm, comforting and mild yet spicey. A great scent this time of year.

Our Mom's favorite body oil! Certified natural by BDIH.

Suzanne aux Baines Relaxing Massage/Body Oil $38

One of my all time faves. Certified by France's Cosmebio label.

Organic Apoteke Body Hydrate Oil $46.95

Fresh & citrusy, this light body oil absorbs quickly and has a spill proof spray nozzle.

ila Body Oil For Vital Energy $62

An absolute indulgence, this is my favorite body oil right now. Loaded with super healers like argan and rosehip seed oil and notes of geranium, lemongrass and lavender, I'm absolutely loving the fresh aroma and the way it leaves my skin feeling totally moisturized and silky smooth. Presented in a thick white modern glass bottle with gold type. 99.68% certified organic ingredients.

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