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16 Organic Chocolate Gifts Sure To Make Mouths Water

Perhaps its self-imposed torture to search out all things chocolate, especially since I haven't indulged in nine months. You see, I'm a recovering sugarholic and for me its all or nothing. Either I'm going to eat the whole lot or none at all. Convincing myself that I could enjoy just one and stop there is a slippery slope. I do however know many of you have the self-control that I don't {or don't and don't care} and I wouldn't want to deprive you of your cacao-loving rights. If you're like me and trying to skirt the temptation, I have a solution that seems to help. It may sound crazy but when you've gone for months without consuming it, rubbing it on your body is truly the next best thing. Find my collection of both edible and spreadable organic cocoa treats that would make great gifts {and/or personal indulgences}:

Mouth watering yet???

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