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Zum Body Loves You :: Part Lotion, Part Healing Potion {Review}

One of my favorite all-over body lotions comes from the fun + funky company, Indigo Wild. I discovered them a few years ago + have enjoyed many of their wonderfully scented goods for the body. All products are made the old-fashioned way, by hand. They're handmixed, handpoured, handcrafted, handwrapped + handpacked.

Not too thin or thick, Zum Body Lotion is packed with certifed organic botanicals + hydrates my skin with a pleasantly subtle scent. In this season of freezing temps {it was 29 degrees this morning!} I do double-up + use oils, balms + butters too, but if you're on the West Coast where it was in the mid-seventies last week (in Southern California) or any other time of the year, this is sufficient. I've sniffed all scents + the Lavender-Lemon is my favorite, although the Rosemary-Mint is a close second (especially this time of year). The 8 ounce sits on my nightstand + the 2 ounce on my desk. Regularly $16.50, I found the 8 ounce size on sale here for $10.24!

Note: All products are scented with essential oils except their Frankincense & Myrrh line which contains trace amounts of synthetic fragrance oils.

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