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Talulah Skin Care Adds 11 Organic Products To Their Lineup {+ Reviews}

Talulah Skin Care is a hidden gem, a brand you likely won't find in your local store and it's highly doubtful they're offered at your favorite online beauty boutique. Available only in select spas and on their website, it's quite likely you haven't heard of them although I'm not entirely sure why. I stumbled upon them about a year ago and was pleasantly pleased to find a stellar ingredient lineup with absolutely none of the suspicious or harmful ingredients we attempt to avoid. Recently they added eleven more products to their already fab lineup including:

1). Forest Mint Creamy Cleansing Milk*

2). Moonflower Gentle Cleansing Balm*

3). Green Mandarin Cleanse Essence

4). White Peony Firming Face Drops*

5). Honeysuckle Refining Vegetal Peel*

6). Chrysanthemum Essence Steam Bath

7). Organic Beauty Tisane

8). Nahla Bath + Body Oil*

9). White Flower Perfecting Nectar*

10). Calendula Milk Sensitive Skin Bath

11). Shea Butter Nourishing Foot Cream

*I have quite a few of the new products and they are in queue for review, but thus far my absolute faves are the Nahla Bath + Body Oil (love, love the warming, calming, relaxing smell + feel of this) and the White Peony Firming Face Drops (the very herbal aroma + hydrating qualities leave no room for guessing why it's called "utterly addictive"). And the Moonflower Gentle Cleansing Balm smells absolutely delish! And in case you missed it, back in July I reviewed their Geranium Sap Foaming Facial Cleanser here. One product I haven't mentioned (but love) is the Wildflower Honey Vitamin Mask (formerly Raw Honey Mask). It definitely shrinks pores (something I'm always on the lookout for), hydrates well (especially important to me this time of year) and again, smells d-i-v-i-n-e!!! {A fun fact: when they changed the name of this product I emailed them fearing they may have eliminated it. The reply indicated they don't believe it would be possible to do so as their customers would surely riot (let's just say it has a cult following).

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