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SukiSpa™ Just Launched Today :: Highly Potent Botanical Actives To Address Wrinkles, Acne + More With New Organic Skin Care Line

*May 2009 Update*

To my readers: Integrity, truth-in-labeling and conscious consumerism are very important to me. When I was testing out the SukiSpa line for a potential review I noticed discrepancies on their Ecocert-stamped packaging. I contacted Ecocert personally who verified to me that none of the Suki products have ever been certified by them. For this reason (and several more), I'm no longer able to promote or use these products in good conscience, even though I have loved them and shouted their praises for years. I'm extremely disappointed and sad by this. Honesty is always the best policy and you have my assurance that I will always be truthful, to the best of my ability, with the information I have obtained or learned personally, because ethical behavior is immensely important to me and if you are a regular reader, I believe this is very important to you as well. After two months of thorough research, it is my personal belief that this statement is 100% true.

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Think Suki skin care couldn't get any better? Well, I myself was beginning to wonder. As if to outdo themselves, the already fabulous line just turned it up a notch. Launched at ISPA this past weekend and online today, the brand-new bioengineered cosmeceutical grade skin prescriptions “spa line” boasts the culmination of breakthrough scientific advancements with pure organic botanicals, creating a high-powered line of potent & pure skin care. After years of research & development, Suki Kramer continues to challenge industry standards of purity and efficacy. Designed to target some of the most stubborn of skin issues with high doses of cutting edge actives, this line will combine the same philosophy of suki advanced. organic. science.™ with even more advanced cutting edge ingredients. The six new sukispa™ products include:

1). Renewal Bio-resurfacing Facial Peel: with active ingredients of cranberry glycolic + pumpkin enzymes. An antioxidant rich AHA/BHA organic peel for all skin types. $75

2). Targeted Bio-Brightening Face Serum: with active ingredients of songyl mushroom + licorice root. A high potency complexion evening serum lightens hyperpigmentation, spots, scars, rosacea for all skin types. $75

3). Bio-Active Purifying Face Serum: with active ingredients of goldenseal extract + apple enzymes. A high potency anti-acne serum for oily and blemished skin. $75

4). Bio-C 10% Formula Face Serum: with active ingredients of tetrapeptide-9 and copper complex. A high potency super-antioxidant anti-wrinkle serum for most skin types, especially mature. $80

5). Facial Lift Ultimate Facial Cream: with active ingredients of resveratrol + tetrapeptide-9. “The” moisturizer with the highest potency Vitamin C in the most absorbable blend of hydrating, anti-wrinkle, collagen-building ingredients for normal, mature & dry skin types. $150

6). Regenerating Antioxidant Masque: with active ingredients of 85% grape polyphenols + mangosteen extract. A Vitamin C masque with rich, high potency sources of polyphenols and antioxidants. For all skin types especially mature, dry and combination. *Professional Use Only*

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