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Review :: Canine Earth's Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

Almost one year ago when my Chocolate Lab was a floppy puppy, I took her to the groomer to be bathed since I didn't feel like wrestling her in the tub or dealing with the bathroom aftermath. After an hour or so I returned to retrieve her, squatted down and hugged her and put her in the back of the car. It was impossible for me to drive without rolling all the windows down, because she reaked so badly of all the nasty products they used on her and I was plagued with an instant headache. My neck itched like mad and upon arriving home I realized I had broken out in hives where our necks touched during the hug. It wasn't difficult to figure out that all this was caused by the shampoo & grooming supplies used on her and I wondered what it was doing to her own skin {not to mention the skin of the people who work there}. I immediately washed her again {so much for my great plan of not wrestling with a puppy in the bathtub} and all the issues disappeared {except my neck hives, until I applied this to it}.

While I'm thoroughly pleased that more and more people are becoming conscious about what they put on their body, pet care isn't quite getting the attention it deserves. The same applies to our furry friends as it does to us...."what goes on goes in" and if you love your pet{s} as much as I do, you'll want them around for as long as possible which means paying attention to what you feed them, what you wash them with and what they chew on.

I've tried many organic dog shampoos and the majority of them seem to contain mostly saponified soap which tends to strip my girl of her natural oils {and dulls her normally shiny coat}; so when I came across Canine Earth I was anxious to give it a try. My lab is now over a year old, but a couple weeks ago we got her a friend, a Golden Retriever puppy that needed to be washed before he came home so we used Canine Earth's Lay Down Lavender Vanilla Conditioning Cleanser. It made our boy super soft and didn't strip his fur or skin of moisture. I'm also loving the Aromatherapy Coat Spray that I spritz both of them with when they come in from the rain or sloshy snow as it helps with that wet dog smell {and seems to help make our Lab more shiny after washing}. Its even nice enough to spray around the house even if there were no dogs.

I highly recommend these products and look forward to trying the Not So Mangy Mango version next...which, as a matter of fact, is on its way here as I type.

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