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Moop Introduces 2 New Organic Handbag Colors {And I Need One Of Them}

Now available in organic cloud grey with golden lining {above} and organic espresso brown with ruby red lining {below}. Now through the end of the year, find out how to get free shipping at Moop when you order $100+. Scroll down through this Holiday Guide to get the free shipping coupon code. And if you just can't wait the 2 weeks it takes to get your goods handmade, cruise on over to Fawn&Forest...because they're in stock and ready to ship! I love them both, but I need this one:

Description from site: A pretty big bag for carrying big pretty things (like books, laptops and Etch-A-Sketches). This one comes to you with the friendliest of intentions. Made from certified organic cotton, dyed with organic vegetable based dyes and made by hands that have been washed with organic handmade soap (like all of our bags!).

Inside there is one large zipper pocket (about 14" wide and 7" deep) and three pouch pockets (each about 6"x7"). You will also find two useful d-rings for clipping keys and pouches. The adjustable strap makes it easy to wear messenger style or purse style.

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