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Fun Find :: Family Function {Or Dysfunction} Organic Body Wash

No family is perfect and where there are family gatherings, there's also an increased potential for drama. This Novelty Organic Body Wash makes me smile every time I see it {currently in my shower}. How fun would it be to put this in the guest bath {if your family has a good sense of humor} or give to a friend who's going through some drama with their mama? A good foamy, invigorating castile soap with no junk included.

From the bottle:

"You can't run, and you can't hide, but now you can wash away any unwanted hugs & smooches with this uplifting scented wash! A yummy treat for all your dutiful suffering!"

If you're wondering where the Minnesota-based Scrub Your Butt Soap Company got its name, owner Crystal and her mom run the place and it was something Crystal's mom always told her before bathing when she was little. Years later when she decided to open up an all-natural soap slinging business she thought it was the perfect name and it definitely gets your attention!
In case you missed it last month, E reviewed their organic dog shampoo here.

Warning: Do not use any type of mint soap on nether regions. One of my dearest friends used another brand of peppermint liquid soap in my shower when he was visiting and I still remember the scream from the bathroom. Apparently that was his first experience with an organic soap and he won't let me forget it {and that was 10 years ago}. We both laugh about it now, but whenever I mention something "organic" around him, he says "you know how I feel about organic" equating it with a burning sensation. This looks like a better option.

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