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Fab Baby Find :: Maddy's Organic Meals

Although the whole "starting solid food" thing seems ages ago to me, I remember it hitting me by total surprise. For 6 months I kept my little guy alive on my milk and then, BAM! - he was lurching out for the food on my fork with a wide open mouth and I knew he was ready to give it a go. I quickly tried to get my act together and so the steaming, blending and canning began. I have to admit, I wasn't always on top of the food prep, so there were many times I defaulted to an organic brand of canned baby food to give to my son. I knew it wasn't as good as fresh, but I did the best I could. Although we were on a tight budget, I always made sure that the first foods my son consumed were free of pesticides and certified organic. This was a huge priority to me, and although it was a sacrifice to do so, I don't regret one cent that we spent.

Recently I learned of an emerging brand of first baby foods that is based in Chicago. They are called Maddy's Organic Meals and they take organic baby food to a whole other level. Found frozen in natural grocery stores (or online), this food is several steps above the other canned organic meals. The food is procured at the peak of harvest and then flash-frozen, to ensure the most flavor and nutrients (things you don't want to skimp on when it comes to introducing food for the first time.) The company was started by a mom who wants what most every mom wants - the best possible start in life for their child. Knowing that the options for seasonal, fresh and certified organic baby food was sparse, she set out to fulfill her dream of providing quality food with big taste to impressionable little people.

In my opinion, M.O.M. has the best options of flavors of any other organic baby food line. Using ingredients like olive oil, turmeric, and onions in some their foods for mature eaters, they truly are thinking outside the standard baby food box. I was also very relieved to find out that they do NOT have processed meat in their foods. (I don't care if it's organic, I will not feed pureed "chicken" to my baby.) They have used lentils and other legumes to pack the protein into their "Gourmet Meals" (for 8mo+) which sits a lot better with this picky mama.

Unless you have a life that allows for keeping a fridge stocked with baby food, you're going to need some help once in a while (or all the time) in those first few months of solid food feeding. If you live in the Chicago area, check out your local natural grocery store, chances are they carry M.O.M. If you need another way to get your hands on some of this creme de la creme of baby food, check out their adorable website here. I just received some samples myself, which came straight to my door in an insulated box with dry-ice to keep the contents cold. How convenient is that? No special trip to the grocery store to buy a tiny jar of baby food! If baby #2 ever comes into existence, we will definitely be stocking up on some Maddy's for those times when mama has too many plates spinning at the same time.

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