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Buycotting :: Vote With Your Dollars

I read a great article last week by Pangea Organics founder Joshua Onysko. He observes that voting doesn't cease after today, but that we vote every single day with the purchases we make. Here is an excert from the article:

“It finally seems that we are a culture that has learned how to vote for what we believe in. Voting doesn’t stop after November 4th, and in fact voting has no beginning and no end. The strongest vote you have is the one you have when you vote with your dollar. The only difference between our political systems and a corporation is that one files taxes and one collects them, and that’s about it. If we put as much time researching the companies that we support as the politicians we vote for, the world would be a much different place. There is suffering happening in every corner of the earth, not just in the Middle East and Dafur, but also in the factories that produce the products we buy everyday from L.A. to Shanghai. People are working for wages that cannot support themselves let alone their families. They don’t have healthcare; they work in toxic work environments; and they are producing waste that pollutes our earth and our bodies.

But we can stop this. It’s time we start buycotting: buy only what you believe in. Corporations only follow one thing, and it’s not their CEO; it’s the dollar, and when they see their dollars going to greener pastures so will they. Make a change. Buycott for a better future.”

What do you think?

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