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What I'm Using :: Organic Deodorant That Actually Works!

One of my great quests, along with finding effective and pure organic hair care (no it is not that easy), was discovering a deodorant that is totally pure and actually effective. I'm not talking anti-perspirant here because we all know (hopefully) what the aluminum that prevents us from sweating is linked to ~ especially this month, Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Although I discovered Terressentials a year or so ago, I'd never seen it in stores before I was in San Diego visiting a very good friend last month who loves strolling the aisles of Jimbo's as much as I do. I actually picked up this certified organic deodorant in a small hippyish store in downtown Encinitas, called EnviroGentle which, according to the store clerk, is a customer favorite and they sell out of it every month. I've been using it exclusively for the past month and I have to tell you...IT WORKS! I have absolutely no stinkage and I actually have a reduction (not elimination) in underarm moisture. Even after 1.5 hour long yoga classes, I manage to escape stinkless and mostly dripless. This does however leave a thin (dry) off-white residue that is not suitable for that strapless black dress, but for most other occasions it's great.

So my question for you is this...what deodorant are you using? Having trouble letting go of your old faithful or have you found a natural deodorant that is working (if so please do share!)? Or perhaps you're still searching for the one. Our body chemistries are different so what works for one may not work for another. Drop us a line in the comments section and let us know where you are in your quest!

Tip: Just because you're buying from a health food/grocery store, doesn't mean your deodorant is natural. As always, you still should read the label (I know, sad but true). Be on the lookout for the ingredient "propylene glycol" as its far from natural.

Find: Terressentials Zesty Citrus deodorant here.


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