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Review :: Tsi-La Organics Perfume

Months back, I wrote about my disdain for conventional, synthetic and oftentimes toxic perfume. So you can imagine my curiosity to try an organic version to see if I'd still have the reaction I do to it's synthetic counterparts. Tsi-La (pronounced chee-la) Organics creates their perfumes only from USDA Certified Organic denatured alcohol, essential oils, plant botanicals and butters with absolutely no synthetic colors or fragrances. Not only am I a fan of their feminine glass bottles, but I'll now have to take back the statement that perfume is not for me.

Right now I'm loving Fiori D' Arancio and Ilang Ilang equally and use depending on my mood or situation. They're not overpowering and don't follow me like a cloud infringing upon the airspace of others. What I want in a perfume is pretty simple. I want the person who I lean in to hug to say " smell good" (or at least think it).

Have you tried Tsi-La perfume? If so, what do you think? Or are you having trouble giving up your favorite synthetic fragrance? Let us know!

P.S. Earlier this year Elle magazine wrote Tsi-La perfumes are "100% natural and 100% addictive".

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