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Review :: John Masters Zinc & Sage Shampoo + Conditioner

My locks tend to be more oily at the roots and because of that I'm a once-a-day shampooer (I know, not the best; I'm slowly working up to every other day). It wasn't until two years ago, in the dead of Winter that I experienced dandruff and itchy scalp for the first time in my life. I was constantly moisturizing hands, arms, legs and feet but it took some trial and error to find a shampoo that was full of good ingredients and calmed my scalp.

John Masters has the only Clean Air Salon in NYC. You will not be accosted at the door, like most salons, with toxic chems wafting in the air from hair treatments or manicures. What you will smell is pure essential oils because that's what his products contain; no synthetic fragrance or toxic nasties.

The Zinc & Sage Shampoo with Conditioner is great to have on hand as the air begins to dry out or if you have oily roots as it will help regulate your hair's oil production. Now, if you're used to conventional hair products, you will be quite surprised by the difference in the foam. The intense lather you get from a normal shampoo is coming from man made ingredients that can be harmful to your health. So if you're new to natural/organic shampoo keep this in mind, enjoy the pure fragrance and feel good about using a product that works and doesn't harm. Plus get free shipping on anything you order directly from their site!


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