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Review:: Dog on Holiday Dog Shampoo

My Golden Retriever is one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen - and I'm not just saying that because she's my dog. She has a bright white coat, a perfectly boxy head and the cutest black eyes and snout that would make even a dog-hater melt. Despite her gorgeous looks, she is the grossest dog I've ever met. There is nothing she loves more than to roll that perfectly white fur in something disgusting - dead animals, poop, vomit, you name it. So needless to say, keeping her clean is an issue that's always on my mind. Thanks to the help of Scrub Your Butt Soap Co. (yes, you read that right) I don't have to worry about this quite as much.

One thing I've noticed during the past 2 years of being a dog owner is that most dog shampoos are loaded with synthetic fragrance. I cannot stand overpowering fragrance, in fact, it gives me an instant headache and leaves me in a fog for the entire day. When I discovered a little soap company with completely pure dog shampoo, I couldn't wait to try it out on my filthy little princess. Scrub Your Butt Soap Co. makes a dog shampoo that uses only essential oils to scent their pet products and leaves all synthetics in the dog house. (I just came up with that, clever - huh?) Dog On Holiday dog shampoo is scented with a Blood Orange and Clary Sage essential oil blend that smells so pleasant that you won't mind your dog shaking water all over you as you try to bathe her. It rinses out clean and leaves just the right amount of scent behind so you don't have to choose between wet dog smell or a flowery explosion all over your pooch. Since I have a purebred Golden, who has a tendency to have skin allergies, I am always worried about trying out a new product on her sensitive skin. I was very pleased to find out that Dog On Holiday shampoo does not create nor worsen her skin allergies at all. If anything, it helped to calm them down a bit and that makes both of us very happy campers. As with most pure products, which are not diluted to death, a little goes a long way with this shampoo so it will last for quite a while (unless your husband loses it in the black hole that is his truck. Arrg.) Scrub Your Butt has an array of other scents and pet products to choose from, as well as great people products too! Visit their website to find more completely pure & irreverently named products by the mother/daughter team behind Scrub Your Butt Soap Co. We think you'll love it as much as we do!


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