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Raw Essentials :: Actress, Supermodel & Raw Foodie, Carol Alt To Launch New Raw Body & Skin Care Line Soon

Update: Fig+Sage doesn't endorse these products.  This post was published as news only before the brand was launched or ingredients were available online.  These products contain the preservative phenoxyethanol which is on our list of ingredients to avoid in personal care products.  Furthermore, we still aren't aware of any "Certified Raw" classification in personal care - looks to only be a marketing term used by the company. 

Although it's not exactly clear to me what her definition of "certified raw" is yet (since there's no current certification process for it in the skincare realm), Carol Alt plans to launch a brand new line she's calling "beyond organic and natural" and will contain her new "Certified Raw" trademark.

Gracing the covers of over 700 magazines, posters, calendars and videos, Carol Alt has been referred to as “The Face” by Life Magazine and named “The model that started the supermodel trend” by John Casablanca, owner of Elite Models. Ten years ago her health began to decline. Carol explains: “Ten years ago, I was feeling bad…really bad. I had chronic headaches, sinusitis, stomach ailments; I was tired and listless. Eventually, I got very sick and tired… and tired of being sick and tired. I searched for a real solution…not just a band aid. That’s when I started eating raw - and it changed my life - FOREVER. Over the last decade, I’ve spent countless hours studying health and nutrition from the best doctors…on my own quest towards true, lasting health and vitality.”

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