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News Alert :: USDA Organic Certified Skincare Line Organicare Launches At Dillard's And Online

In the midst of a tumultuous and altogether disconcerting week, shines rays of excitement and big steps forward in the world of organic beauty. First, we unveiled a popular certified organic skincare line from New Zealand launched in the U.S., then we uncovered a brand new organic cosmetics line is on the horizon, and the USDA certified organic line we told you about a month ago (before it was announced to the public) launched on yesterday.

Now, we're glad to inform you about yet another certified organic skincare range that launched online and at Dillard's this week called Organicare. "You have the best of both worlds --performance and natural ingredients. A woman wants that wrinkle gone, but if she has an option to go organic she will choose that" says owner & creator Jamie O'Banion. Each product contains the USDA seal indicating that 95% of the ingredients are grown without herbicides or pesticides. The range will also be offered at Fred Segal and Nordstrom and prices range from $35 to $ 125. Products like Rescue Me are designed to help banish wrinkles while others like Clarity Control is designed to keep blemishes at bay.


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