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Glowing Review :: My Results And Chat With Dr. Alkaitis

I'm ending my third week of using Dr. Alkaitis' "Skin Food" exclusively. Mostly used in spas, holistic clinics, by estheticians, celebrity makeup artists, and lauched in the UK earlier this year, this line has received rave reviews and for good reason. As a chemist, molecular biologist, ethnopharmacologist (someone who has studied the traditional ways of healing mainly with plants) and pharmacognosist (someone who has studied the medicinal properties of plants), Dr. Alkaitis combines his vast scientific knowledge of plants with a holistic way of healing the skin to create a truly potent line of products. All products are made in-house, including the extracts, and are all formulated and manufactured by Dr. Alkaitis. They're biologically active, made from raw, organic ingredients with a base of organic aloe vera, not water (like most lines). And products are no more than 2 weeks old when shipped.

My personal results are in and I'm thoroughly impressed, surprised and wowed! My hands-down favorites are the Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser, Organic Herbal Toner and Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil. The beauty of this range is that its simple...not in ingredients, but in selection. You won't find a different range for Oily Skin, Combo/Normal, Acne, Dry/Aging; there is one range and there will never be a multitude of offerings because it isn't needed according to the Doctor. I've been using the Trial Kit and the Cleanser & Toner lasted a whole 3 weeks (I still have PLENTY of everything else and I believe the Nourishing Oil will last me a month or two because I only use 1 drop per application mixed with some Toner). You need VERY little product because they are all so concentrated. It did take some trial and error to figure out the perfect combination for my skin, but my final conclusion is that I'm doing great with just the Cleanser and Toner (I have combo skin) and the occasional application of Treatment Oil at night (healed blemishes overnight that I had previously).

If you have dry or mature skin or just feel like you need more moisture (like I may in Winter), you should probably add the Day and/or Night Cream...and they smell wonderful. It isn't that other products affected my skin negatively (not at all), it was just a matter of over-hydrating it. My skin absolutely LOVES these has been amazingly clear, healthy & hydrated. I also like the Eye Cream (have been using it day and night) and I'm using the Universal Mask once a week. I could immediately tell these products were different as they feel active and potent; slight tingling is normal and assures me they are hard at work. Their site indicates the full sizes should last two months, but based on my usage I imagine it would take me 3-4 months to use them up.

Last Friday I had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Saul Alkaitis about his line:

Q: "How many years did it take to develop the line and how long has it been on the market?"
A: "I developed it over 5-7 years and it's been on the market for about 7 years now."

Q: "Should I be using the Soothing Gel before the Nourishing Oil or skip it altogether?"
A: "The answer is simple, you do whatever works for you. If your skin is doing just fine with the Nourishing Oil and you don't feel as though you need anything extra, you can skip the Soothing Gel. Everyone's skin is unique and has different needs. My products address the skin as a whole, no matter what type of skin you have, I've designed them to bring your skin into balance. So whatever products work best for you, those are the ones you use."

Q: "What mask do you recommend for blemished skin?"
A: "The Universal Mask has shown some remarkable results for this. The Flower mask is really good for wrinkles, but not for sensitive or inflammatory conditions as it may cause blemishes to blow up."

Q: "I really like the packaging of your line in sleek & modern. Will this be available in the U.S. soon?"
A: "I recently launched my products in Europe and created a new look for that market specifically. We are in the process of redesigning our U.S. labels, but they may not be ready until next year sometime, no date yet. There are still details to be worked out."

Q: "I'm aware that Rose-Marie Swift endorses and has sold your products on her website. Might you be working with her on the launch of her new organic cosmetics line, RMS Beauty?"
A: "She has a great line of products coming to market within the next few weeks or so and I'm happy to help her with formulation questions, but this is her line and it's the only cosmetics line I will endorse."

Q: "Is it true that celebrities use your products?"
A: "Yes, many of them do. They are paid to endorse other products but they use mine because they're effective and they can't afford not to have beautiful skin in their line of work."

Q: "Are there any new products on the horizon?"
A: "I'm developing a conditioner for the shampoo as well as a shampoo for problem skin like dandruff or itchy scalp, etc."

To read an in-depth interview with Saffron Rouge founder, Kirstin Binder & Dr. Alkaitis click here. If you're going to be at the D&A Green Market Show in Los Angeles next week, stop by the Priti Organic Spa booth...Dr. Alkaitis will be there.

Questions about my experience with the line??? Ask away!!!

"The universal attractor is health" and "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin." ~ Dr Alkaitis

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