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LovelySafeMama Contest :: $140 Worth Of John Masters Organics

If you haven't already visited or heard of the very popular site SafeMama, it's definitely an invaluable resource and one that should be consulted if you're a parent of a little one(s). It's evident that the two head Mamas over at SafeMama are every bit as passionate about discovering the best & safest products out there for Mamas and Babies (& Kids), as we are about pure, organic, eco-friendly products for body, baby, pet & home. They are obsessive (which we love) about reporting on a variety of safety issues and alerts helping parents navigate their way through the sea of information overload.

One month ago SafeMama launched LovelySafeMama, dedicated to highlighting safe products for women. Although their "John Masters Organics Week" was last week, they have a great contest that's still running in which the lucky winner will score $140 worth of John Masters Organics products. We're big fans of John Masters hair care and plan to share more about our experiences with you, but for right now you can find the review we posted last week here.

Their giveaway ends on November 3rd at midnight! Check it out here.


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