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Fab Find + Review :: Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Cleaning Products From Better Life

We hear you loud & clear! Based on our reader poll that ended last month, the most requested thing you really want to know more about organic skincare...which is why we've been bringing it to you steadily and the second-most requested thing you want to know more about is great cleaning products that don't harm, but are still effective.

While we try not to use conventional, toxic products in our own homes, finding products that are without colors, synthetic fragrance and harsh chemicals that actually work is not the easiest task. The interesting part is that skincare is so closely related to cleaning products in that if you're concerned about what you put on your skin and what you breathe in, you must also automatically be concerned with what you are cleaning with. So it's with great excitement that I introduce you to Better Life Cleaning Products! I've used all four of the products you see above and I've got to tell you...they work and they work well. The All-Purpose Cleaner what-EVER! can be used on anything and it worked wonders on the inside of my oven (wiped that black crispy gunk up very caustic oven cleaners here!). I Can See Clearly WOW! cleans my glass, mirrors & stainless steel just as good as Windex. Even The Kitchen Sink is a grout and metal pan cleaning wonder and the 2am Miracle Nursery Cleaner is perfect for baby or pet accidents. (I found the whole kit here). The products virtually have no scent, except for the 2AM Miracle which contains a hint of lavender essential oil. They're made from natural sources and come with a load of good news:

1). Non-hazardous

2). Non-toxic

3). Non-irritating

4). 99% biodegradable in 8 days or less

5). Safe for river & marine life

6). Based on sugar & vegetable stocks
7). Free of petroleum-based chemicals

8). Free of alcohols, ethers and other harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

9). Free of sulphates, ether sulfates and parabens

10). Free of dyes and fragrances

11). Made to meet or exceed Green Seal and Design For the Environment standards
Not only that but the packaging is bright, fun & hip. To learn more about new products coming out soon and how this new company got started, stay tuned for my interview with Co-Founder, Tim Barklage; who happens to be a very nice, down-to-earth guy who is also sensitive to artificial scents (like muah) and is passionate about using safe cleaning products around
himself and his family.

Have you tried these products or use something similar in your own home? Go ahead, tell us...


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