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Fab Find :: The Grown-Up Treat (No Trick)

This Friday an abundance of cheap, waxy candy will be plucked from bowls and buckets by small hands, but where does that leave you? CocoaVino crafts all its candies from certified organic and certified fair trade chocolate, they offset 100% of their energy consumption by purchasing renewable energy credits and they ship their goods in 100% recycled materials and biodegradable packing peanuts. Take a look at some of their reviews:

Gourmet magazine says: "for a match made in heaven, pair CocoaVino fig truffles with cheese".

Domino magazine says "its the chicest box of chocolates you'll ever try".

Le Nouvel Observateur of Paris cites CocoaVino as "un chocolaterie ultra-hype de Brooklyn".

To watch their step-by-step bonbon-making process, click here.

The Magic Season box of chocolates (shown above) will be available for order next week through the end of November. For all other deliciousness, click here.

P.S. Wouldn't this make a great after Thanksgiving dinner treat or if you're already thinking Christmas gifts...this would make a great one for the chocolate-lovers on your list!

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