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Eco Chic Weekly

I am pleased to introduce you to the new blog group called 'Eco Chic Weekly'. We are a small but rapidly growing group of writers that focus on green fashion & beauty!

Each week I'll post the "best of the best" from each blogger. If you find something of interest, please do spend a few moments commenting on these posts -- we all love to hear from our readers!

Eco-Chick: Autumn's 4 Sexiest Sustainable Shoes

Green Girls: Watch the weekly video wrap-up of everything that happened on

Green Girls Global: Amazing jewelry, hand crafted from antique and reclaimed glass.

Victoria-E: Eco Oral Care Is Easy, Affordable, Effective & Artistic Exclusive People Tree Founder Safia Minney Interview

Fashion, Evolved: What Does Fashion Have To Do With Poverty? Check out Fashion Evolved's Blog Action Day Post

Green Cotton Blog: Stoking The Passion: Environmentalism At Its Best In Bealize

DC Goodwill Fashions: New York Fashion Week was met with a collective yawn by many, but the European designers managed to add a splash of color for spring

Green Grechen: The Conflict Over Conflict-Free Diamonds

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