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Blog Action Day :: The Girl Effect

Today thousands of bloggers around the world unite to highlight a single subject: Poverty.

Having a blog that may seem (even to us) to focus on the superficial compared to what's truly important in life, we feel it's a great opportunity to share with you a wonderful project. Taking on a daunting task as poverty is overwhelming and we tend to not want to think about it and try to push it out of our minds quickly because it is unpleasant and we may believe we cannot have any impact on such a vast issue. But what if the $10 you were going to spend on going out to lunch today could help train two adolescent girls become educators/leaders to help empower other girls? What if the $25 you were going to spend on that new shirt helped a girl buy her school supplies? Or what if the $50 you were going to spend on skincare could help a girl pay for her room and board at a school where she would become educated and empowered? Well, it can with The Girl Effect.

We urge you to take a few minutes and watch this video. It moved us and we believe it will move you as well.


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