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Review :: Pure Mineral Makeup Blush From Alima

Years ago when I found out my sister (E) was shaking, swirling, tapping & buffing loose mineral powder makeup from San Francisco, I admit I was skeptical and thought it was weird and messy. Then when she converted our Mom over to using the stuff my interest was peaked and I wanted to know what all the hype was about. That Christmas I was gifted with a set of this makeup of which took more than a year to use up, which is why mineral makeup is such a truly cost effective solution. Here's the problem with said makeup and most mineral makeup that's on the market right now....most don't contain just minerals. Even though it may be touted as "pure", "natural" or "hypoallergenic", I beg to differ if it contains things like talc (carcinogen suspect) and bismuth oxychloride (potential skin irritant & acne promoter).

Alima Mineral Makeup is totally pure and they took their claim a step further and became BDIH certified, which is a highly regarded German certification for natural products. Besides the fillers, toxins and skin irritants that can lurk in mineral (or any) makeup, one of my other pet peeves is the irredescent sheen that is often touted as a feature of mineral makeup (what's with all the shimmer???). It tends to give the skin an odd oily glow, and that's definitely not a bonus in my book. I like that Alima offers both shimmer and matte selections for both preferences. I've been using Antique Rose (Matte) blush with my EcoTools Blush Brush for the past couple months and I love it! It gives just a perfect flush to the cheeks sans the glitter effect. If I'm going for a particularly dewy look, I just pat the tiniest amount of moisturizer on my cheeks (on top of the blush) and voila! And I know this nice sized pot is sure to last me at least a year, so spending $14 is a total bargain. It's most definitely a budget, earth & skin friendly purchase and I completely recommend it!


FYI: Minerals cannot be "organic" or "certified organic" since they are not grown like plants are. If a company claims their mineral makeup is organic, as always, check the label. The only way this is possible is if it contains other organic ingredients that are mixed with the minerals (like Afterglow...which we intend on trying out very soon). If you find no organic ingredients, it's a marketing ploy.

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