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Newsflash :: Coveted Certified Organic Skincare Line From New Zealand Launches In The U.S.

Avid about bringing you the latest in organic beauty, we've discovered yet another brand that is soon likely to be a craze and we're the one (if not the first) to bring it to you. Landing in the U.S. just last month, Antipodes (pronounced an-tip-a-teez) is a high-end certified organic skincare range from New Zealand that’s hailed as “pure New Zealand nature in a bottle”. It’s coveted in Europe and featured in Harper’s Bazaar, VOGUE and Marie Claire to name a few. The new Sephora store in Hong Kong that opened last Friday is offering the line amongst their natural/organic selection indicating they are “impressed by the beautifully fragrant range and the exquisite green wallpaper patterning of the packaging”. Three Antipodes Concept Stores also opened within the last few months in Korea and the company is in talks with some big retailers and spas here, which if any indication means the craze is likely to hit the states soon.



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