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Change In Seasons Leaving You Chapped?

I just returned from a two week trip and it's hard to say whether it was the change in seasons or the flu-infused recycled air on the plane that put me into a watery eye, running nose haze for about 4 days. Going through two boxes of Kleenex left my nose red & raw...quite the lovely look. Luckily Whole Foods was only minutes from my hotel, so amongst other things I picked up some Perfect Organics Fresh Mint Lip Balm. I bought it for my lips initially, but decided to slather it on the outside of my nostrils before bed one night hoping to heal thy self of the painful little cracks. When I woke up my nose wasn't sore nor chapped (nor was there a blemish in sight from the balm)! I've also been using this on my lips and I really like it. Leaves my lips soft long, long after applying it. Very thick and creamy...something I'm definitely keeping close by as Fall and Winter approaches, because for those of you who live where there are know that you need a more powerful arsonal of products during the seasons to stay hydrated and protected. And this little pot is a mere $3.99!!! Hello...time to stock up!

P.S. The Vanilla Twist version impressed the Beauty Editors at Lucky Mag so much that they ranked it #14 in their Green Makeup Guide this month: "The soft feel of a petroleum-based balm is hard to replicate; this does it one better. The vanilla scent is just the best--sweet and creamy."

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