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Non-Toxic DIY Cleaning Kit from Eco-Me

More and more consumers are becoming aware of the toxins in conventional cleaning products that can affect human and environmental health. If you’re conscious of what you use in your home, around your children and pets, what you breathe in and put on your body this is for you. A wonderful way to know exactly what's in your cleaning products…make them yourself! This Eco-Me Home Kit supplies all the containers & instructions you need to clean the house. You supply the ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and olive oil. The plastic bottles are #1 PET….recyclable, and you’ll use this over and over avoiding the need to keep throwing out empty bottles.

This Kit comes with:

1 natural fiber storage bag
2 spray bottles for mixing spray cleaner and polish
1 jar for mixing scrub cleanser
1 natural bristle scrub brush
1 handy mixer
1 microfiber cleaning cloth
1 bottle Eco-Me Home Cleaning Essential Oil
Easy to follow instructions show you how to mix ingredients right from your own kitchen.


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