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Newsflash: Revolution Organics Launches USDA Certified Organic Skincare Line!

Making it's debut at the All Things Organic Expo comes Revolution Organics, a brand new USDA Certified Organic skin/body line fresh out of Canada. "We really wanted to make our products look chic while still maintaining the highest level of organic integrity" says Co-Founder, Melissa Shabinsky. All plastic containers are recyclable and the packaging is made from post consumer recycled content. Their first products including a 22+ uses All Over Body Balm, Skin Creme and Lip Balm are scheduled to launch on October 1st. And that's not all! Plans to roll out a color collection as well as a bath and body line are in the works and expected to be available later this year through early '09.

Like music to my ears...a company who 'gets it' and understands the importance of pure ingredients & modern aesthetics! And I like that the packaging is not gender specific.

Note: We have not sampled these products yet, nor have we seen their comprehensive ingredient listings so I cannot personally speak to their performance or integrity (yet), however the USDA organic seal ensures the contents are food grade and contain a minimum of 95% organic content. For these reasons we won't hesitate to let you know in advance. We do our best to bring you the latest & greatest products (mainstream or under the radar) and I dare you to Google them, the word isn't even out to the general public yet!

Stay tuned for my upcoming review next month...


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