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LIPSTOCK: For On-The-Go Pampering

Have I mentioned I'm a lip balm addict? Yes, I do confess; but you won't find me recommending every organic lip balm on the planet. Because well, I do have my standards ;)

But make no mistake, it's not a balm or gloss, it's LIPSTOCK and it's a Lip Conditioner designed for on-the-go pampering. When you're in a suit or a cocktail dress, do you really want to be seen pulling out your ninety-nine cents tube of (petroletum filled) Chapstick? I didn't think so. Why? Because (like me) you want something better, something nicer; something you won't hesitate pulling out of a good looking handbag. (And something you don't mind consuming, because if it's on your lips you will be eating it!). Or perhaps you're a stay-at-home mom who would gladly welcome a little pampering in your life amongst the dirty diapers and showerless days.

Arriving wrapped in recycled paper like candy, housed in a non-descript modern tube, I had the pleasure of discovering a pure assortment of nurturing oils. I don't recall ever seeing such nourishing ingredients like watermelon seed oil, cranberry oil and black raspberry seed oil in a lip product. Not only that but the organic shea butter, avocado & beeswax are all USDA certified organic. It's not greasy, nor is it thick and it won't disappear with a lick or kiss. With no added flavor or fragrance, it twists up like lipstick and is great for smoothing lips so your color can glide on flawlessly. And you can be sure these tubes haven't been sitting on a shelf for months because they are made to order and arrive fresh!

Plans are in the works to launch a color line next year. I can't wait to find out more when the time comes...and you can be sure I'll fill you in on the details!

Find your very own LIPSTOCK here and get FREE SHIPPING until 9/2 if you enter FGS08 during checkout!


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