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E's Favorite Organic Sunscreens

I know, I's a little late for the sunscreen post, but I wanted to share my summer test findings with you now. A recent reader comment inspired me to share my two favorite sunscreens that are safe for the entire family. It took a long time for me to decide what brand of sunscreen I was going to use on my son, since sunscreens are far from being created equal. I have found, tried and fell in love with two sunscreens that meet up to my standards.

I think it's really important to take a balanced approach to the issue of protection from the sun. The sun can be our friend or foe depending on how much time we spend exposed to it's rays. That being said, I have to tell you how much I love Badger SPF 30 sunscreen and Soleo Organics sunscreen for those times when you need ultimate protection from the sun. Both of these sunscreens are made of organic and natural ingredients and are free from preservatives, chemical UV-absorbers, and titanium dioxide which have the potential to cause health problems. They are both physical barrier, broad-sprectrum sunscreens which rely on Zinc Oxide to shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. What's not to love about that?

This summer I have had the opportunity to slather both of these sunscreens on myself, my husband and my son so I'll give you my review of each, categorized into groups:

Both Soleo and Badger use mostly certified organic ingredients when they can, but since Zinc Oxide cannot be certified as "organic", they cannot claim that their products are completely organic. Also, Badger uses dimethicone to coat their Zinc Oxide - which is used in many cosmetics to assist with an easier, more spreadable application. Badger has indicated to us that they will soon be reformulating to exclude this artificial ingredient. Based on research, they say that it is completely safe. Badger SPF 30 was just rated #1 out of 910 other sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group - pretty impressive!

Value: Badger SPF 30 is cheaper at around $14.95 a tube than Soleo Organics at $24.95 a tube. Badger SPF 30 can be found in many health food stores or easily bought online here in the U.S.

Soleo is not as easy to find since it is an Australian company, but we found it online at

Fragrance: Badger SPF 30 is scented with a light lavender and citrus smell (all from certified organic essential oils) that is much more pleasant than the typical sunscreen smell. The one downside to this wonderful smell is that bees have been known to be attracted to it too. Soleo is unscented, so it is safe for babies and adults with even the most sensitive skin (and bees don't care about it either!)

Consistency: Badger SPF 30 tends to be a little less emollient than Soleo. Both of them will leave a white sheen on the skin initially, but once thoroughly rubbed in - it will disappear. This is caused by using Zinc Oxide (the physical barrier) instead of chemical UV absorbers. Because they are somewhat oily, they are very waterproof, so they only need to be reapplied every 3 hours. Soleo requires some kneading prior to application because of it's completely natural ingredients. It's a minor con compared to the huge list of pros.

So go soak up some of the last few rays of summer sunshine with the peace of mind that comes from using great products on your family!


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