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20% Off Organic Skincare at Beautorium

Just launched in April, Beautorium offers organic and natural skincare and cosmetics, some of which can be difficult (or impossible) to locate in the U.S. but are already cult brands in Europe. Co-Founder Ann Francke worked in Europe for 20 years as an executive for many well known skincare brands and upon re-locating to the states with her husband/Co-Founder, Barry they launched Beautorium. I especially like their "Good To Know" icons and the Try Before You Buy samples program. Here's what I'm using (and loving) right now:

-Saaf Complexion Boosting Serum: I only use 1-2 very small drops and apply over my entire face & decollete (neck & chest area). I like to use at night before bed. No need for a heavy night creme, this will do the trick and you'll look refreshed & hydrated in the morning. I also love, love, love the smell of real lemongrass and this is exactly what it smells like. It is pricey, but will a). last quite awhile as it is very concentrated and has a shelf life of 3 years (unopened) and 1 year after opened and b). you're paying for quality and a load of certifications and c). get 20% off with our exclusive promo code below. Saaf Pure Skincare is one of the most certified skincare lines in the world. To learn more about the company, new products in development and my recent interview with the founder click here. Note: Beautorium is currently the only Saaf retailer in North America.

Other products I dig include:

Farfalla: Basic Care Facial Fluid For Normal/Combo skin (Note: only found in the U.S. at

Martina Gebhardt: Aloe-Mimosa Body Lotion

Trilogy: Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Now through August 31st, Beautorium is offering our readers 20% off with promo code FGS2008. Every order also comes with a free "I'm A Natural Bag" tote that I have been using as a beach bag. Perfect for throwing sunscreen, a towel and a magazine in and the sand shakes right out when I'm ready to leave! And I've received many "oh, I love that bag" compliments on it.

If you try any of them, I'd love to hear what you think!


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