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Organic Facial Cleanser That Foams?

If you've searched for truly organic facial cleanser, you know it's difficult to find one that actually foams...and foams well. Conventional products use synthetics like SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) to create lather so that's why you won't find many organic products that produce much lather. Even though I know that it's not necessary to have lather in order to clean, I still feel like foaming action somehow breaks down the oils and penetrates the skin (I know, it's a mental thing). If you've made the switch from conventional to organic skin care, I know many of you are with miss the bubbles too.

Pleasantly scented with oh-so-balancing geranium, this Talulah Geranium Sap Facial Cleanser is effective, smells wonderful and yes, it foams! The foam does begin to disappear after I've massaged it into my skin for awhile, but this isn't a problem for me. I've only needed the tiniest little bit to create a good lather and wash my whole face (taking my makeup with it), so this bottle is sure to last months (I'm guessing at around 4+). Geared towards normal, combo and especially blemish-prone skin this has done a great job at keeping blemishes at bay. Be sure to follow with toner & serum or moisturizer afterward.


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